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Andy and Candis Meredith, the couple behind Old Home Love




Andy and Candis Meredith have a true passion of all things art, architecture and history. Their love for historic homes influences their absolute love of travel and culture! 


We can’t wait for YOU to be a part of our passion. Join us as we travel to Guatemala in March 2019 to experience an unforgettable trip! We will explore the beautiful architecture of Guatemala with it’s rich history, from ancient Mayan ruins to charismatic Spanish colonial cities. We will share what inspires us and how we incorporate that inspiration into our designs and the way we see the world!

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Guatemala is Central America’s hidden treasure. See the volcanoes of Lake Atitlán, the quaint colonial city of Antigua, and the ancient Mayan ruins while forging lasting friendships with new local friends who will feel like family.

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DAY 1.

Welcome to Guatemala City!

Meet your entire group at the airport, transfer directly to Antigua and get settled into the Takalik Mayan lodge.

DAY 2.

Service Day

Spend the day serving with Guatemala Prospera at the DAR school. Meet back up with your group for dinner, get  recap of the day, and return to the hotel in the evening.

DAY 3.

DAY 5.

Antigua City

The city has colonial relics in a magnificent setting. Pastel colors cover the streets under the three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. This place guarantees you an incredible visit full of beauty, mayan culture and historical significance.

DAY 6.

Tikal Mayan Ruins

In early morning hours, we will have the opportunity to appreciate the sunrise from the biggest temple of Tikal, temple IV. The most remarkable feature of Tikal is its tall temples. As you take a walk from one structure to another, you’ll be able to appreciate the fauna and the flora.

Lake Atitlan

We will visit the town of Santa Catarina Palopó, characterized by it’s Multi-colored outfits unique culture.

DAY 7.

Return Home

DAY 4.

Say goodbye to your new friends and head home.

Lake Atitlan

Boat trip through the most beautiful lake in Guatemala, Lake Atitlán. Known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlán amazes tourist from all around the planet. The landscape is made by the three Volcanoes, Atitlán, Toliman and San Pedro.

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