this isn't voluntourism.

This is a dedicated effort to harness the power of social media for real, sustainable change.

We pair social media influence with boots on the ground for the benefit of those on both the giving and receiving ends of the service efforts. We help you use your influence for good.

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Each Influence Trip makes the world a better place. Here's how:


Adventurers who join us on these trips will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world. They will learn about new cultures and be exposed to a way of life completely different from their own. Through this process, we hope to replace fear or ignorance with understanding and compassion. Our hope if for each participant to leave with greater love for our human family.


While on their adventure, participants will have the opportunity to learn through service. We have partnered with world class organizations who are on the ground serving in their communities day in and day out. Part of each trip will be spent helping these organizations serve their communities.


Our team is made of up experts who have built their careers running global social impact campaigns and advising the economic development of lower and middle income countries. Through our work we have witnessed the power sustainable tourism has to build and strengthen developing economies. Yet many of the countries who need this most, also have the most difficult time reaching potential visitors.

Influence in fueled by collaboration and pure hearts. Our mission isn’t possible without our amazing partners:


Fox River

Influencer Trips is informed and inspired by the strategy of Fox River, led by Joe Ritchie. After Joe sold the world’s largest options trading firm in 1992 he began thinking differently about the role we can play in the developing world. This led to the ‘three legged stool’ approach - creating broad outcomes by gathering the private sector, the public sector and the faith/civil society together to solve problems. The private sector develops the strategy, the public sector gives mandate and regulatory support or reforms, and the civil society and faith sector use their manpower to execute the play. This has been successfully implemented for a host of challenges in Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Russia, Guatemala, the Middle East and now the United States. The opportunity for the private sector to work with the nation’s tourism Ministry or Department by leveraging the creative sector and their broad public following, helped birth the operating structure that makes Influencer Trips appealing to all involved parties today. Influencers and Adventurers are a part of something much bigger than their week long trip - they are joining a transformational structure to have lasting impact at a nation level as well as the local encouragement they experience on the trip. 

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Lindsay Hadley spent the early part of her career facilitating humanitarian projects in Kenya, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand. Since then, she has demonstrated her exceptional fundraising skills, raising more than $33M+ directly for her clients and has leveraged $Billions for causes through her campaigns and events. Lindsay was executive producer of The End of Polio Concert in Perth, Australia, and the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park two years in a row (2012-2013) and producer 2014. The Global Citizen Festival has featured the world's biggest music acts, Hollywood actors, and countless world leaders. The festival secured a live audience of more than 60,000, leveraged $1.3 Billion in new funding commitments, and reached more than 3 billion people worldwide. It is the largest charity event syndication to date. In 2014, Lindsay launched FilmRaise, an online platform that connects filmmakers, charities, and viewers for social change. FilmRaise partnered with some of the world’s top NGOs including the Nelson Mandela Foundation and The Malala Fund who earn money for every view of the film on their behalf. The platform has been praised as Indiewire and Forbes as “innovative” and “inspiring.” Lindsay was selected as a winner in Utah Business magazine’s 2015 FORTY UNDER 40 Awards. Lindsay co-founded the tech start up, Time Machine. Hadley Impact Consulting worked on the first ever social impact fund partnered with the Vatican called the Laudato Si Challenge. Lindsay is a founding partner of the LSC and Executively Produced the first ever Demo Day at the Vatican. Lindsay is also the senior development consultant for United for Global Mental Health. Lindsay is the mother of 3 boys and the wife of a loving and supportive husband. She prizes family and personal relationships over everything else. Visit for more information about her clients and projects.



Jacque Baumer has more than ten years of professional experience developing and directing programs & campaigns, fundraising, and providing consultation to local, national and global organizations and corporations. Jacque is a Presidential Service Award recipient and has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for worthy causes. In 2013, Jacque served as a driving force behind the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, which leveraged $1.3 Billion in new funding commitments for the world’s poor. With a live audience of 60,000 and a worldwide media reach of more than 3 billion, it is the largest charity event syndication to date. In 2017 Jacque was COO and partner of the first ever social impact fund partnered with the Vatican called the Laudato Si Challenge, producing the first ever Demo Day at the Vatican. Jacque’s greatest joy comes from being the wife of a loving and supportive husband and the mother of three beautiful children.


Tyler Brklacich is the Director of Operations for Influence Trips having a strong passion for all things travel – having visited 31 countries and counting. Tyler has recently moved back from living in The Gambia, West Africa for two years where he served as a Teacher Trainer/Agriculture Facilitator as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Prior to his service in The Gambia, Tyler graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. During his time at UVU, Tyler served as the Student Body President representing 31,000+ students and successfully lowered student fees, collaborated with the Dean of Students to implement sexual assault prevention policies and programs, and focused on the creation of the first LGBT resource center.  After hours you can find him watching Netflix or eating Café Rio. Most likely at the same time. 


Genna Lasko is a high-performing career professional with a background in theater and over a decade of experience in events, productions, and conferences. I’ve worked both nationally and internationally with organizations whose mission's range from economic and social-economic development, anti-child sex trafficking, peace and reconciliation, equine therapy, and more. I have a history of working effectively with diverse personnel and clientele. I’m a proven expert at creating, building, and executing successful events.